Clients and Testimonials

Harry has entertained and ‘put-on’ many top Fortune 1000 companies and major associations, and has developed a reputation for giving the client something “extra.” Whether as an emcee, or comedy imposter, Harry does extensive research, customization, and makes seemingly bland information funny, and amusing information hilarious.

He has worked for virtually every industry, from I.T. communications, Law, Medicine, Insurance, Defense, Manufacturing, Consulting, Accounting, Sales, Education, Government, Finance, Energy, and Nuclear Waste, to Auto, Real Estate, Media, and much much more.

The following are sample comments from a few of Harry’s many satisfied clients.

What Speaker Bureaus & Meeting Professionals Say About Harry

“Harry has always done an outstanding job. One of the reasons Harry is so successful, is because he really does his homework. When he is hired by a group, he literally reads the annual reports, does research into their company and actually seems to become an “expert” on their field.

Harry is also a pleasure to work with, both professionally and personally. On at least one occasion, I have asked him to come in as a last minute replacement when a speaker canceled. Harry put together a custom tailored speech in 2 days that was a huge hit with my client. I would recommend him for any event, showcase, meeting, or any other situation, with my highest praise.”

Rainey Foster, Vice President: Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau


Arizona Chapter

Young Presidents Organization

October 12, 2012

 To Whom It May Concern:

Harry Freedman was the keynote speaker at our Annual YPO Chapter Retreat on October 2nd, 2012.

Our Chapter spent months researching comedians and were very fortunate to find Mr. Freeman.    We hired him to provide a stand-up comedy routine while simultaneously roasting the 9 YPO Graduates who are leaving our chapter this year. The audience was comprised of 50 Chapter members.   

Mr. Freedman, to put it simply, was hilarious.   He began the presentation posing as a Strategic Business Speaker.   As the presentation continued, the audience began squirming and laughing out loud with his very funny comments.   The audience was confused in the beginning because they were expecting a serious speech, and the humor took them totally by surprise.

The other Day Chairs and I provided Mr. Freedman content on the 9 graduates in the weeks preceding the event.    Mr. Freedman had obviously spent considerable time preparing for this presentation.   He inserted a great deal of very funny “roast” material for each graduate. By the time Mr. Freedman was a third through the presentation, he had the audience rolling with laughter.   His humor was highly intellectual, biting at times, and absolutely original.   As he made comments during the evening about a particular graduate, the audience went crazy with laughter.   I consider that if people start crying with laughter during a comedy routine, the comedian is at the highest skill level.   There were multiple times during the presentation where Mr. Freedman had the audience crying with laughter.  

Mr. Freedman’s style is his own, and the audience truly loved it.  If I had to bring up a comedian that he reminded me of, it would be Larry David, who I consider a master.      

Not only is Mr. Freedman a master at his craft, he is also a gentleman and very considerate.  He was fun to work with as we provided him Roast material, he was not demanding on his accommodations, he treated our Chapter administrator with total respect, and we loved working with him.

As a previous Education Chair, Chapter Chair, and for this event the Day Chair, I give Mr. Freedman my highest recommendation.    He will have your audience crying with laugher.

David W. Grounds - Day Chair and Member - Arizona YPO Chapter


August 27, 2012

Dear Harry:

Thank you so much for the terrific job you did entertaining at our Associated Pest Services conference in Manhattan on August 8th. I know it was very early in the morning which makes the big laughs you received from our members even more impressive and a great way to start off 
our day.

As you know, I saw you at the National Pest Management Association a number of years ago, and I was extremely impressed with your ability to convince everyone that you were really an expert in pest management while simultaneously getting everyone laughing, and once again, you 
proved that you are a master of the comedy put-on.

I have gotten excellent feedback from our members who all thought it was a wonderful surprise to get us into a good mood for the rest of our more serious meetings, and I would recommend you to anyone that wants a true professional to entertain at their conference.

I especially appreciated all the hard work you did in creating original material about our industry and our members that made it even more enjoyable.

Thanks again Harry. You hit a home run. I would gladly use you again if I ever have the chance.

Leonard Douglen - Executive Director



July 16, 2012

Dear Harry,

I would like to thank you for the amazing keynote presentation at our 2012 National Sales Meeting. As you know, this was the first meeting between our two main business units and we wanted to kick off our awards night with something special to break the ice between the groups. Your presentation helped that process immensely.

The results were spectacular and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about your great performance. The incorporation of the material about our company, its policies and our key people into your speech was flawless. You had everyone believing you were for real even as you got them laughing hysterically. Your delivery and timing were impeccable. From the moment you hit the podium, you had everyone roaring in laughter. It was no surprise to me, that after the conclusion of your presentation an hour later, you received an unsolicited standing ovation.

Your performance, coupled with the videotaped interviews of our executives, resulted in an amazing night of entertainment. The video, which you created on the fly in a 24-hour period, turned your show into something way beyond our wildest expectations. The video was so funny, that you had everyone including our President and the other executives you poked fun at, doubling over in laughter. Most importantly it was all done with style and class.

Again, thank you for helping to make our conference a great success. I would recommend you to anybody that wants a true professional who delivers an amazing show.

Andrew Love - Sarnova - Vice President of Marketing 




“Having you as the closing act for New Jersey’s MPI’s April meeting on event production was just what the doctor ordered. Not too many people could get a laugh out of a group that had spent an entire day working and the entire evening networking and sitting still. But you came through with plenty of laughs for all. It was perfect.”

Kevin White, CSEPNJ-MPI Education Committee

This year’s Holiday party was outstanding. You came to our small town of McCook, Nebraska, and made a statement with your performance. Your wrapped our industry’s issues and the personal characteristics of our business and our staff into your routine perfectly. This was a refreshing act to witness.

It was hilarious, professional, and clean. I have heard nothing but praise for our choice in entertainment this year. It is clear that you do your research and must put a lot of effort into preparing for your events.

Troy Bruntz, VP Finance, Community Hospital, McCook, Nebraska

Thank you for the wonderful job you did at our annual awards dinner this year. I received terrific feedback as people came up to me and said how much they enjoyed your “speech”. And the crowd was obviously enjoying themselves at the event – you had them laughing for over half an hour. Some of the audience were still waiting for you to get to the serious expert material even near the end of your speech, which just made the whole thing funnier, and a continued conversation topic.

Since the event, the positive feedback has continued to flow from the members, both informally, and through our post event satisfaction surveys. I also want to thank you for the obvious effort and time you put in to preparing for the event. It was clear that you had put in many hours of work tailoring a keynote that would resonate with our audience. And it did.

I also was very appreciative of the professional manner in which you conducted yourself getting ready for the event. You were always very courteous, prompt with responses, and helpful and accommodating with respect to logistics. It was a pleasure working with an experienced speaker who takes the time to develop a targeted presentation, and who knows how to fit in to different types of events. Again thanks for making our annual awards a success.

Vince Brescia, President & CEO, FRPO

As you know, the roast for our retiring president of Choice Hotels was a huge deal, particularly considering he didn’t know he was going to be roasted.    Thank you for doing an outstanding job. Your customization was terrific, as was your ability to create very funny material about the company; it’s executives, and particularly our “roastee.” As a result, you delivered a wonderfully funny and touching tribute to Chuck that everyone enjoyed. You helped make a great night even more memorable. Thanks for a great job! We will certainly keep you in mind for future events.                 

Sarah Wingfield – Choice Hotels

Thank you so much for a terrific job at our annual meeting for our software users. I know we put you on early in the morning, which is not the easiest spot to make people laugh. But you got them going. You faked everybody out into believing that you were actually a White House adviser on technology and insurance and you got them laughing consistently throughout.

It was a pleasure working with you and I would recommend your “ corporate imposter” for any company or group that wants to give their employees or clients a good laugh break during a meeting.
Denise Dreher - LIDP

Great job! You had everyone believing you were a real envoy of the President to India and China, even as you got belly laughs at 9:00 in the morning. You had our alumni group rolling and you did it with clean, classy, and extremely clever material.
It was particularly enjoyable to hear your hilarious answers in the fireside chat with our real Indo-China expert, the award-winning author, Robyn Meredith.
I know this is one speech that our fellow alumni will remember for a long time.
Dee Vaidya - IIT Alumni/President of Technograph

The fact that you were able to pull off the dinner the night before and not blow your cover still amazes many. “That man was like Teflon,” Tom kept saying. “I kept questioning him, and he kept telling me to wait for the meeting – He was killing me!”
Bravo – if you can get the “Bull in the China Shop” to give up and wait – You do a fine job!
Thanks for the great laughs and for being so thorough, taking the time to learn about our organization. People were still asking if you were really a speaker, even after you admitted you were a “hired hand.”
Ki She Pond – Vencore Capital

You were a hit! I hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time - and that was just during the preliminary draft over the phone. You are a comic genius…you took the few informational nuggets we gave you about our group and turned them into pure gold. I’m sure you could tell by the roar of audience laughter that everyone had a great time. Our sales reps are still talking about it.
Harry, I would love to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future, and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a hilarious hoaxist.

Andy Hoogensen - Executive VP: Bemis Co.

The chairman of the company took you for an expert in construction issues. He fell off his chair when he realized that you were a hired hand. Next morning he said, “yours was the best performance he’d seen in the last 10 years.”
You are truly amazing at what you do. We gave you very little material to work with, but you and dug up everything you needed on our company to put on a great performance. Employees are still making references to your performance.
I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a creative, unique, personalized and custom tailored entertainment.

Yogen Patel - Executive VP: HITT Contracting Inc.

It is always difficult finding a suitable after dinner speaker, particularly to be funny to both the “Yanks” and the “Brits” in our mixed audience. From our first telephone call, I was impressed by your professionalism. Your preparation was excellent, and your delivery fantastic. I know that everyone in the audience found your “deep insights” into BAE Systems very impressive!!

Alan Jones - Project Manager: BAE SYSTEMS

Over the last few years our awards dinner had become predictable and stale. When our meeting planner told us about your act, we were slightly hesitant. It turns out, that it was the highlight of the week! Instead of hearing that the night was long and predictable, our clients and sales personnel raved about the fun and excitement of your performance.
Please don’t hesitate to give any company that needs a recommendation my name and number.

Patrick Gibbons - Partner: The Emerson Group

Terrific performance! It even exceeded our expectations! Everything from the preparation and incorporation of our feedback, to the excellent impersonation and ability to really “play” to our team, made it a speech to remember. We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from our employees, who all felt it was a great, fun break between our sessions.

Diane Weiser - COO: WeissComm Partners, Inc.

Thanks so much for a great job! What a terrific way to start this very important seminar. Too Funny! You captivated our audience of some 800 people. You had them laughing and repeating your comments all week long at the conference. It took awhile before the audience even knew you were not a “corporate guru” and expert. The jokes about individuals in our organization were very funny and well received. What else can I say, we look forward to working with you again.

Dan Fitzgerald - President: IASIU (Insurance Fraud Investigators)

The following was part of a review for a different hoax speaker.

“The last time we caught one of these impostor acts was at the Hauppauge Industrial Association’s 25th anniversary dinner in 2003, when comedian Harry Freedman was presented as a long-lost HIA founder. Our memory is that the needle went higher on the laugh meter there - and nobody ran out as soon as the act ended.”

A.J.Carter - Newsday

“Thank you again for your wonderful performance at the SISO CEO Summit. It was a highlight of the conference.
When you appeared on stage posed as a Professor to discuss the social implications of trade show marketing and the economy, you had the audience’s full attention. It was fun to watch them as they struggled to try to figure out if you were for real - You really had them going! Our CEO’s could not stop talking about how hilarious the performance was.
Your show and your business reflect your professionalism. Prior to the event it was a pleasure to work with you. The show itself was well thought out - funny and carefully put together so as not to cause embarrassment to anyone in the audience. I happily recommend you to anyone looking for a truly amazing experience - a great way to entertain a group at a conference or trade show.”

Mary Beth Rebedeau - Executive Director - SISO

“Thank you for your outstanding performance at our Annual Meeting! The crowd genuinely believed that you had just obtained a position as a top government official (as evidenced by the congratulations you received by one of the attendees later on!) Clearly, your many hours of preparation and personalization made for a convincing presentation. It was a complete pleasure to meet and work with you Harry!”

Kurt McMillan - Vice President, Business Management

Kudos’ for the fine job you did at our luncheon.

Dave Schenck - Amerisourcebergen

I had high expectations as to how the audience would react, and those high expectations were exceeded. The audience was belly-laughing for the entire 40 minutes!

Richard Kacich - President, Yankee Atomic Electric Co.

You were the highlight of the conference!

John Koerner - Southern Ass’n of College & University Officers

The jokes about our people are still flying around, and I’m also especially glad I opted for the interview video.

Molly Thiel - VP, GB Home Equity

Your reputation as a put-on does not do you justice. And taking on the task of M.C. with a script handed to you only minutes before going on is hard enough, but to be able to improvise takes a special talent. You were great!

Nelson Colvin - California Landscape Contractors Ass’n

Your timing, delivery and content, before a sophisticated audience, were extremely humorous, topical, and tasteful.

Peter Wallis - Chairman, Calgary Airport Authority

The amphitheater was filled with laughter!

Gloria Savage - Fiserv

Your performance was a big hit!

Debra Weiser - VP, St. Paul Travelers

We are in the business of preventing and detecting fraud. To my surprise, you were able to fool our top-notch investigators. You helped build team morale and gave us laughs after a long day. A job well done!

Richard Girgenti - KPMG, US. Partner in Charge, Forensic

Thanks for a great evening of entertainment. Our guests are still talking about it! The way you incorporated our industry into your routine was extra special. We also loved the Q&A you videotaped with our key associates. It was hilarious.

Ken Nemeth - Value Merchandisers

I have received rave reviews regarding your presentation on health care. Your ability to inject humor into a serious subject matter provided a transition from our busy professional role to one of relaxation and excitement. Your humorous take towards our key “characters” was the “cherry on top.” We will definitely keep you in mind for future engagements.

R. Scott Liff - John Muir/Mt. Diablo Health System

Your ’speech’ at our annual meeting surprised and entertained our audience at the same time!

Tom O’Dowd - Alliance of American Insurers

Thank you for the tremendous job you did at our retirement party for Stephen Allen. Your impersonation as an aide to Governor Pataki was ideal. The look on peoples faces as you slowly went from “legitimate” to comical was priceless.

Robert E. Bird - Detectives Association, County of Nassau

The program you designed for LIMBA was hilarious. I consider myself a person that appreciates comedy and I was not disappointed.

Ernie Fazio - Long Island Midsuffolk Business Action

“Harry has always done an outstanding job. One of the reasons Harry is so successful, is because he really does his homework. I would recommend him for any event, showcase, meeting, or any other situation, with my highest praise.”

Rainey Foster, Vice President: Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau